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Who is Delta Performance?

By Nikki Benson

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Who is Delta Performance?

Hello! My name is Delta Performance. My favorite color is blue and I am a Capricorn (I was born in January of 2018).

Delta Performance is a female owned training facility #girlpower. We offer semi-private small group training, and nutrition coaching for those that want to better themselves in all aspects of life. For those who are not afraid to work hard and want to learn more about training and life, this is the place for you.

What is semi-private small group training?

Semi-private small group training is a hybrid between group training and one-on-one personal training. We have taken the best of both worlds and sandwiched them together to make the epic sandwich of fitness!

Our athletes are able to come together, workout, and have fun in our positive family feel atmosphere with a personalized programming to fit their needs and goals. This is great because, as an athlete here, you have the camaraderie of a group and still have the benefits of a program tailored to you.

We take out the time limit personal training sets for you. We will not tie you into a 30-60 minute block of time. If you are running a few minutes late, you till not lose time with your coach. At Delta , we offer flexible scheduling. You are able to schedule your sessions based on your schedule. (Of course within our business hours. We don’t want to be here until midnight. We like our sleep too!) When you come in, we will excitingly greet you because we are always happy to see you! Once you get started on your program you can take the time you need to finish it. That could be anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, it just depends on you and your goals and efficiency.

Delta Performance is all about helping our athletes grow, learn and become confident in their lives. We like to see our athletes become successful in and out of the gym. We try to give you the tools you need to reach your goals or at least put in contact with someone who can help out. Even if your goal is to clean your basement or move into your house, we will be there to cheer you on with every small victory!

Being part of Delta means that you become part of a family. We strive to create and keep a positive, friendly environment that offers a guiding hand or advice for those who are new. Newcomers have claimed to immediately feel welcomed and part of the family. We could not do this ourselves as trainers. Our athletes are the best around and are truly appreciated as they play a pivotal role here. I know you will not find a better atmosphere than at Delta Performance.

Our goal is to be able help our athletes become the best version of themselves and to help our community too!

How do we help our community?

Every year Delta Performance participates in Stewart’s Caring Place Hope Walk. This is one of the many ways we give back to the Akron Area community.

Stewart’s Caring Place is an amazing non-profit organization in the Fairlawn area. They offer a variety of classes, counseling, workshops, and so much more to people and their families who have been touch by cancer. The Hope Walk is an annual event to raise funds, inspire others, and bring hope to those on their journey with cancer.

We give back by building a team every year to help raise money and inspire our athletes to support a great cause and organization. We have the privilege in guiding the participants in a warm-up before the walk. The best part is meeting and hearing the stories of the wonderful people who come out to support Stewart’s Caring Place. We hope to be part of the Hope Walk for a long time!

If you feel inspired to walk with us, donate or learn more click the link below:


Hi, I'm Milo. Coach Nikki is my Mommy.

Another way we like to give back to our community is collecting donations for the Humane Society of Summit. Our #DeltaFamily loves animals, we especially love dogs (you must love dogs to be a #deltaathlete - not really, but ya lol). This year our goal is to collect more items and host a bootcamp too. Be on the look out for the Charity Bootcamp this Nov/Dec! You will be able to have fun, get a great workout in and help the Humane Society.

Delta Performance shops local too. We are a small business, and we like to support other small businesses in the area. All of our athletes have their business cards showcased in the gym or on our website to help them grow their business. This helps build a strong family and build a strong local community. #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness

We are alway looking for ways to help our community. If you have any ideas or have a group that would be interested in us hosting a Mobility Class shoot us an email:


Mobility Class at Copley Coffee and Games

Delta Performance has done a few Mobility Classes for local businesses in the community. Our first class was held at Copley Coffee and Games in Copley Circle. We took their employees through mobility exercises that would help them move and feel better. We chatted about the importance of mobility and when and why to do these exercises. We went over soft tissue work too. Not every one has access to a massage therapist, and we wanted to show them ways to improve their soft tissues without the cost. They found this class beneficial and still talk to us about it to this day! Not only did we help them but we gained some more friends too! Thank you to Copley Coffee and Games for giving us chance to help you. Check them out next time you are in the area. They have great coffee, pastries are amazing, and have a unique place to hang out.

Delta Performance is one of a kind place to train. We are serious about our training, and we are serious about helping YOU achieve your goals, in and out of the gym.

To be part of Delta is to be part of a FAMILY.

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