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September 2018 Team Captain: Chris H, 32

Delta’s Calisthathlete

​By The Team

“I want to be pushed as hard as I can, so I can find out where my physiological limits are and improve at a regular pace.”--Christopher H., Age 32.

Christopher is a fricken' monster! His accomplishments in the three short months of training at twice a week with Delta Performance are stunning. He came to us with a couple of goals, one of them being able to do a handstand pushup. His first attempt at a handstand against the wall failed miserably, and with his dedication and persistence, he had his very first wall supported handstand pushup within two months. Chris's second goal was to complete a muscle up. Through sweat, blood, and tears, he hit that muscle up three months after the first attempt. He’s added muscle, trimmed fat, gained strength, and improved his athletic performance.

Further, he does all this while sticking to a strict vegetarian diet! (Side note: for all you vegetarians out there, you can add muscle and improve performance.)

The Delta Coaches chose Christopher as September’s Team Captain because he holds a key characteristic of a leader: leading by example. Christopher does exactly what he needs to do to succeed in his goals. He plans and prepares his meals to support his fitness goals and athletic performance. He works hard outside of the gym on areas he wishes to improve. He sleeps at least 7 hours a night to assist with recovery. He listens to his coaches, focuses on the task at hand, works hard, stays consistent, and is dedicated to his success. This results in hitting personal records every day, crushing his goals, and continuous great training sessions with us.

If you’re a gym owner reading this: NO! You can’t have him! He’s ours!

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