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Pursuing Excellence Series: An Overview

Developing a Soldier’s Mind To Reach Your Highest Potential

By Dee Josey

Welcome to Pursuing Excellence series blog. Over the next few blogs, we are going to get down and dirty with ways to help you achieve excellence. Here is a brief overview: achieving greatness starts by developing the mind of a soldier.

Positive Imagery Time

Who do you consider to be a role model in your life? Who do you model your business after? What athlete do you aspire to be?

Once you have that person in your mind, think for a second: Why? What characteristics does this person have that inspires you?

Chances are, this person has the mind of a soldier (soldier synonyms: leader, athlete, bad ass, warrior, ninja, champion, Delta)

“What is a soldier?”, you may ask. According to urbandictionary.com (super valid source by the way), “a soldier is someone who fights for their country and in what they believe, even if it means death.” A less dramatic definition is:

“Soldiers are people who believe strongly in what they are fighting for, are dedicated to their mission, practice teamwork and hard work to fulfill that mission, and are in control of their feelings and emotions even in difficult and stressful situations.” --SGT Dee Josey, U.S. Armed Forces Veteran

What enables you to become “one of the great?”

Sports Psychologist, Terry Orlick, spent some time studying the world’s best performers in an effort to find out what makes them so successful. He interviewed astronauts, elite Mt. Everest climbers, Olympic Athletes, top surgeons, world-class musicians, fighter pilots, and people who have survived life threatening diseases. His conclusion was this:

“The experiences of exceptional performers suggest that there are seven critical elements of excellence: Commitment, Belief, Full Focus, Positive Images, Mental Readiness, Distraction Control and Constructive Evaluation. ” --Terry Orlick

The most difficult part of achieving any goal is developing the mindset necessary to take you there. In order to be great at anything you try (i.e. start a business, earn a college degree, gain control of your health, become a rock star or an athlete, etc.), you must master the art of obtaining a soldier’s mind.

7 Keys to Developing a Soldier’s Mind and Achieving Greatness:

  1. Commit yourself to the mission

  2. Believe you will succeed

  3. Focus fully on the task

  4. Use positive imagery

  5. Prepare your mind for the battle

  6. Control the distractions and barriers that hinder results

  7. Continue to learn and grow

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