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October 2019 Team Captain: Cynthia R

By Dee Josey

Cynthia is Delta’s heart of gold. She is the kindest person you will ever meet. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she genuinely compliments every single person she meets. These are rare qualities to find in a person, but they are not why we think Cynthia has earned her spot as October’s Team Captain. 

Outside of being an amazing person, she is also the most consistent athlete we have. When she wants to curl up in a ball and forget about life for a while, she still comes in. When the sun is shining outside (and for you Ohioans, you know how rare that is), she still trains. When she feels sick (or hungover...), she still finds her way to the gym. The only time Cynthia misses a training session is when she is out of town for vacation, and we can still count on her to still get in a couple bike rides on vacation. Cynthia’s consistency is why she is our October Team Captain. 

Consistency is the key to long term success. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything does so by remaining disciplined, focused, and action oriented toward their goals...consistently. The success of our athletes starts with them showing up; we cannot coach and mentor an absent body. 

Since training with Delta Performance, Cynthia has experienced much success. She hit her initial weight loss goal and has managed to keep it off. She also sees improvement every single week in her cardiovascular efficiency and her strength. She’s faster, stronger, and physically healthier than ever. She has lean muscle definition she’s never had, not even when she was an avid runner in her early twenties. Most important, Cynthia feels better, mentally and physically, after her training sessions. 

Cynthia truly encompasses the qualities of a Team Captain, starting with always showing up and never making excuses. She has truly transformed her lifestyle and has made fitness a part of who she is. This is why Cynthia is successful as an athlete. This is why Cynthia is October’s Team Captain. 

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