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October 2018 Team Captain: Jen H, 40ish

By The Team

“When I have lower back pain, I hesitate going to the gym. It never fails; when I go, I always leave feeling great.”--Jen H.

Meet Dr. Jen Hazelwood--owner and operator of the Eye Site in Copley, mother of two little ones, wife, primary caretaker, brownie troop leader, avid recycler, volunteer, and Delta Performance’s October Team Captain. This is a woman who could make every excuse in the book as to why she “cannot workout today,” but she understands the positive impact that taking care of her physical and mental health has on her family, business, and community.

Many who meet Jen for the first time describe her as “the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet.” Her positive energy at 6:00 AM lights up the room; you can’t help but smile when she walks in the door.  She truly is one of the most generous, caring athletes we have at Delta Performance. She greets everyone who walks in the door with genuine excitement, and she will always ask you how you are doing...and means it. NOTE: We also want to take this opportunity to note her impeccable taste in 40s big band music.)

Jen was chosen as October’s Team Captain for three reasons. First, she is consistent in her program, even when her time is extremely limited. Over the last seven months, Jen has been working extra long hours to ensure the Eye Site’s beautiful new building on Ridgewood (set to launch early October) opens on time, yet she still finds a way to make it to the gym two days a week. We are pretty sure Jen has a twin who helps her accomplish all her responsibilities.

Second, she is always positive and welcoming. When she is in pain, has trouble with an exercise, or runs into one of many barriers in her personal life, she still smiles and makes anyone who walks into our fitness facility feel right at home when in her presence.

Third, she communicates effectively. When she is in pain, is running late, has difficulty with a movement, or doesn’t understand the purpose of a movement, she communicates that with her coaches.  

Consistency, a positive attitude, and effective communication are all traits that make a strong leader. This is why Jen Hazelwood is Delta Performance’s October Team Captain.

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