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November 2019 Team Captain: Candace Age, 29 + 1

By Dee Josey

Candace leads by example. She is kind, hard-working, open-minded, and friendly with her teammates in the gym. She holds the qualities of a true leader, which is why the Delta Coaches nominated her for November’s 2019 Team Captain.

“I can do this!”--Candace (said with confidence)

Candace uses this statement often when challenged in her training, the most recent being a week into her 30 day anti-inflammatory challenge. Not only did she succeed in this challenge, she also picked up an extra day of fitness training during her busy season as an accountant and during the holiday season--a time of year when most of us take a step back.

We chose to make Candace team captain this month for two reasons: she just completed the hardest challenge she has faced at Delta--30 days on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and she did it while adding an extra day of training into her schedule. This is no easy feat, and Candace kicked its booty. Both of these together demonstrated to her coaches that she is finally ready to live her life to the fullest.

Side Note

For those of you who are unsure, the anti-inflammatory diet is a form of the elimination diet. Several foods (i.e. gluten, sugar, caffeine, etc.) have been found to cause an inflammatory response in our body. For those suffering with inflammatory or autoimmune issues, like celiac, IBS, IBD, GERD, Gout, arthritis, asthma, etc., research strongly supports the notion that cutting those foods out of our diet reduces the symptoms caused by these diseases. The anti-inflammatory diet is not a quick fix lifestyle. Iit is meant to figure out which foods cause issues in our body, so we can eliminate or reduce those specific foods. We’ll give more on that topic in a later blog.

Back to Candace

We have been training Candace for several years now, and it has been quite an honor watching her subtly grow into the strong woman she is today--inside and outside. She started training with us, like many, to lose weight for her upcoming wedding. That was three years ago. We saw her through that wedding, watched her grow into her first large management role, and we continue to experience her build confidence and leadership skills during every session. Candace used to workout to get in shape for her wedding. Now, she trains to perform better in life.

Candace’s mind is strong, and nothing will stop her from accomplishing her goal. Candace truly encompasses the qualities of a team captain, starting with improving self. She is transforming her life to make “living fit” a part of who she is, not a destination. This is why Candace will accomplish anything she puts her mind to. This is why she is November’s Team Captain.

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