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May 2019 Team Captain: Jen, aka Starch, Age 21+

By Dee Josey

Shhh...Starch doesn’t like being the center of attention, so don’t mention this post to her. She is too humble to accept the title of Team Captain.

Meet Starch, Delta Performance’s May 2019 Team Captain. She is one of Delta’s O.B.'s (Original B****es, even has a cup to confirm this). The Delta Coaches chose Starch as this month’s Team Captain because of her tenacity and her excellent communication skills.

Starch leads by example. We have known her for many years and have witnessed her overcome barrier after barrier. Like Thor--it doesn’t matter what life throws her way, she always has her hammer ready to knock it out of her way, even if this means taking the necessary time for herself. Her actions inspire her teammates and her coaches to be better than yesterday.

She consistently communicates with her coaches and teammates. Leaders stay in constant communication with their teammates, and Starch is the example of what that looks like. She arranges her schedule to match her priorities. She gives us updates from other wellness professionals, so we have a greater understanding of how we need to coach her. She also makes friends with every single athlete who walks into our gym and connects people together in person and through social media.

Starch demonstrates mental and physical strength in everything she does. She is humble, caring, genuine, and an all around great person. She is a leader. She is Delta’s Team Captain.

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