• Delta Performance Coaches

March 2019 Team Captain: Heather, Age 30

“I keep coming [to workout] because I know, if I do, I will feel better when I'm done.”--Heather C.

Meet Heather--soon to be mother of two and Delta Performance’s March 2019 team captain. Because she has invited her Delta family on this beautiful journey, we are excited to soon have a new little member to our ever growing family.

Heather honors her coaches and her teammates with the opportunity to celebrate with her. She has remained transparent when communicating with her coaches regarding her current state and doctors’ advice, and we have been there every step to guide her (with the help of her PCP) through appropriate movements and nutrition choices because of this.

Throughout her entire pregnancy, she has maintained a positive outlook to the changes her body is going through as well as an open mind to maintaining and modifying her fitness level. She understands pregnancy is a beautiful gift and demonstrates that through continued movement and healthy nutrition at each stage of her pregnancy.

Because of her dedication to her health and the health of her little neonate, she has successfully maintained strength and stayed within a “healthy” weight gain. We should note that she has been able to do all this with another little rambunctious toddler at home.

We chose Heather as our March team captain because we understand how difficult it can be to stay positive and consistent when your body and hormones go through noticeable changes, and Heather never let that stop her. She remained consistent in her attitude and work ethic. She is the definition of plowing through the barriers to see the beauty that lies on the other side.

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