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June 2019 Team Captain: Suzanne Age: Like Fine Wine

Take A Calculated Risk

“One visit to Delta Performance, and you will never go anywhere else. ”--Suzanne.

Strong. Confident. Positive. Personable. Open-minded. These are just a few words the athletes and coaches at Delta Performance use to describe Suzanne. She is each athlete’s number one cheerleader, including her own, and she displays the characteristics of a leader. This is why we chose Suzanne as the Delta Performance June 2019 Team Captain.

Suzanne stormed into Delta Performance fifteen months ago to meet the Delta coaches she had heard so much about from a friend. She swears she was nervous to meet us, especially upon seeing there were no machines she was used to training on, but you would never guess it in the way she held herself. Right away, she was incredibly personable and open minded to learning a new way of training, one that focuses on movement quality first and foremost.

She does not let her age hold her back from her goals. She is performing movements now that she never believed possible, and she is not afraid to set specific goals for herself. She will tell you she is most proud of improving her mobility and mastering her side plank; the coaches are most proud of her gain in self-confidence. She takes on new challenges like a champ, celebrates all her successes, and maintains a positive mindset with every training session.

Suzanne truly encompasses the characteristics of a Team Captain. Although she is our most mature athlete in age, we pose the argument that she is our youngest in spirit. She is the one who stops every single athlete in our training facility to give them a genuine compliment. Her spunky, positive attitude inspires our other athletes to do more and become stronger. She is committed 100 percent to her goals, and she owns her results by holding herself accountable to her goals and outcomes. She is a true leader.

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