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June 2018 Team Captain: Carl H, 62 Years Young

By The Team

“I never considered myself an athlete, nor did I ever imagine I would be a team captain.”--Carl, 62.

This guy has it all. His positive energy is so powerful, every time he walks into the gym, everyone stops what they are doing to greet him. The girls love him, and the guys want to be him.  

Here is a man who truly leads by example by starting with his personal health. Faced with a life threatening chronic illness, the stresses of owning and operating a business, and a lifetime of living a sedentary lifestyle, Carl has proven that it is never too late to start. Determined to live a healthier life, this young man began his exercise journey at the age of 61 and has been going strong ever since. He has since gained a tremendous amount of strength, endurance, mobility, energy, and confidence.

Carl truly encompasses the qualities of a team captain. He holds himself accountable to his health, he takes control of his fitness program, and he never makes excuses for short comings. His commitment, hard work, and positive attitude inspires many of his teammates at Delta Performance to be accountable, take action, perform better, and move more.

He is a true leader.

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