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July 2018 Team Captain: Teri C, 45

By The Team

"My fitness goal is to to just be better overall. I want to live long and prosper...Mmmkay”--Teri, 45

Tenacious. Loving. Compassionate. These are the top three words our coaches use to describe our July Team Captain, dubbed TLC.

Teri has been chosen as Team Captain because she possesses the qualities of a leader: humble, independent, and genuine. She’s the biggest supporter of her teammates while taking responsibility for her own health. She always shows up ready to work hard and has the mental strength of ten grinches...plus two. She genuinely cares about all her teammates’ wellbeing and encourages them to keep climbing the mountain.

We believe TLC is secretly a superhero. She does it all--full time employee, mom, wifey poo, and caretaker--without even batting her big, beautiful eyelashes. She has overcome many barriers to living her healthiest self, including time constraints, working in a sedentary job, and the frustrations of chronic pain. When most give up, she keeps truckin’ along.

TLC fricken rocks!

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