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January 2019 Team Captain: Vickie F, 60ish

By The Team

Meet our most consistent athlete and Delta Performance’s January team captain, Vickie. This golfer rarely misses a workout, has a friendly, positive temperament, and genuinely cares about her teammates’ wellbeing. Although she would never admit it, Vickie is a leader.

A leader understand the most important aspect of reaching a goal is consistency. Vickie has seen great progress in her golf game, her balance, and her functional strength since training with Delta because she is so consistent. She proactively schedules her training sessions and makes this appointment her top priority.  

Leaders have the ability to turn any situation into a positive learning opportunity. Vickie accepts her movement challenges as opportunities to improve and helps our other athletes reframe their weaknesses as opportunities to grow and learn. She also lights up the room when she enters. Her contagious laugh and friendly, outgoing temperament can make any situation enjoyable. Vickie will be the first one to tell you how difficult some of the movements in her program are, and she’ll state it while laughing.

Arguably one of the most overlooked character qualities of a leader is empathy. Vickie has grown accustomed to the other athletes who train next to her, and she genuinely asks about their wellbeing. She talks to every person in the room and genuinely listens.

Vickie could easily use her age or her busy schedule as excuses. Instead, she takes every challenge head on and encourages the same from others. She is positive, proactive, and puts in the hard work while holding her teammates to the same standards. She is a true leader.

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