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From Scrawny to Brawny

By Dee Josey

Meet Christopher:

Christopher knows the power of a dollar, and he would never give it away for no good reason. When Christopher joined Delta Performance, his main concern was, “will I get a good return on my investment?”

After improving his athletic performance, strengthening his body, eliminating his chronic lower back pain, and transforming his body, his answer is, “Yes.”

“I just moved to Copley and am looking for a gym that isn’t the {typical} local Gold’s Gym and a trainer who won’t just put me on a machine or free weight program.”

Christopher was Delta Performance’s first organic athlete, meaning he came to us not knowing a single person who trains in our gym. Right away, we knew if he is brave enough to take that step, he is made for great things.

This vegetarian presented us with a special request: to “gain proper knowledge about how to progress with calisthenics the correct way.” He was specifically looking for guidance, strength, and motivation. What he achieved this year, however, was more than he could have fathomed.

Christopher’s Transformation

Age: 33

Athletic Performance: first muscle up, first HSPU, deadlift #300

Chest Circumference Gained: 2.25 inches (from 37.75 inches to 40 inches)

Other Markers: no lower back pain, controlled asthma, improved posture

Improving Athletic Performance

Christopher has lofty goals, and he has the diligence and commitment to reach those goals. He has specific goals of achieving advanced calisthenics movements to include strict muscle ups, unassisted handstand push ups, and holding a front lever and planche. He comes in for every training session ready and willing to work hard.

It’s safe to say his program is unlike most others. While most train with dumbbells and barbells, Christopher does most of his training using just his body. He is in the corner performing strict handstand push ups while others dumbbell overhead press. He has a 10x10 push up metabolic finisher while others sprint it out on a bike.

After a year of training with Delta Performance, he has reached many personal records. Here are just a few of his performance accomplishments.

Strengthening Movement Quality = Faster Results, Less Pain, and Reduced Risk of Injury

The first things we like to focus on at Delta Performance are movement quality and core stability. Whatever occupation or extracurricular activities we choose to engage in, we will inevitably experience overuse in one form or another that leads to poor body mechanics if not addressed. For Christopher, who works in a manual labor job, he experiences tight shoulders and lats, wrist pain, and lower back pain.

Further, his workout regimen prior to Delta Performance consisted of “a lot” of push ups and pull ups. Taking both of these into consideration, much of Christopher’s training program focuses on reducing his occupational risk of injury while working towards his calisthenics goals.

Along with his dedication to practice movements at home outside his scheduled sessions, his mobility and core stability has allowed Christopher to excel in his training sessions, reduce his chronic pain, and improve his posture. He continues to progress with every training session, his lower back pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain are virtually nonexistent, his posture has cleaned up, and he has gained well rounded muscle mass.

Gaining Understanding

Not only is Christopher gaining an understanding in how to progress certain movements to reach his ultimate calisthenics goals, he is also learning about the importance of proper recovery, movement quality, and eating to support his goals. This guy who just wanted to “ get a workout routine that makes it hard to physically move the next day” now understands the value of proper recovery and balanced training. He went from only wanting to train bodyweight to feeling the value of loading with weight when necessary. He demonstrated this when he requested to start back squatting and deadlifting; now, he is deadlifting 305 pounds for reps.

Highest ROI: Sustainable Healthy Habits

Christopher has earned a high return on his investment. His mobility has improved. His chronic lower back pain has disappeared. His athletic performance continues to progress. He is doing things he never thought his body was capable, and he continues to surprise himself. Most important, he is building excellent, sustainable habits that he will take with him and use for life.

Want help finally getting the strong, muscular body you’re after?

Consistent movement, eating well and in the right amounts, sleep, and stress management are important to strengthening your performance, body, and health.

This is easier said than done. Many people need help applying this in their busy, complex, stressful lives. This is why our coaches work closely with every Delta Performance athlete to give them a sustainable plan of action that helps them lose fat, improve movement quality, become stronger, and improve their health. No matter what challenges you are dealing with, we can help you overcome these challenges to live to your fullest potential.

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