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Finding Success When Everything Else Fails

How the Semi-Private Training Model Works for Adria, and How It Can Work for You

By Dee Josey (and Adria)

Meet Adria:

She originally sought professional coaching because she was unhappy with her body. She tried to do workouts on her own in the past; however, she didn’t have the motivation or encouragement to do it alone. This is when she started small group training in July 2015.

Group fitness was a good start, but it was not enough. Being faced with many physical limitations truly limited what she could do in a group setting. She needed more individual attention, so she made the switch to one-on-one private training with a personal trainer.

She worked out with her trainer for two years. She loved how everything was personalized to her, and was content with the minor improvements she saw with personal training. Among other things, she has asthma and several injuries that hold her back from working out as hard as she wants to. She thought those minor improvements was all she could accomplish.

It wasn’t until Delta Performance did she learn what true results look like.

Adria's Transformation

Age: 34

Athletic Performance: completed first 5K obstacle race...then another with better results...then another with enjoyment, plank: 2:36, 75x goblet squat @25% BW, #315 sled push

Other Markers: controlled asthma; decreased lower back pain; improved posture and confidence; increased muscle tone

"Access to the entire coaching staff for the price of 1 personal trainer? Each coach has different backgrounds and have all helped me achieve more than I could ever imagine possible. They work with my food allergies to help me create a nutrition plan that works for me and my lifestyle. They write a program around my restrictions that helps build my strength and cardio while still allowing me to breathe at the same time! I have lost weight, inches, and I am overall much healthier thanks to them! I am more motivated and confident to workout outside the comfort of Delta Performance - something I have never been able to do. I am happier with myself and I am starting to love myself again. I cannot express how thankful I am that I took that first step. It's been a hard road with ups and downs, but to know that they are proud of what I have accomplished makes it all worthwhile. The support and encouragement I have received can never be repaid. THANK YOU!” --Adria

From Being Frustrated With Physical Limitations...

Adria understands what it means to be frustrated with her body. She was certainly dealt the short straw when it comes to genetics. I don't think I've met someone with more food allergies in my life. Her body loves to work against her.

When she started training with Delta Performance, she "tried everything" and was clearly frustrated with life. She thought the minor results she was earning from her personal trainer was all she could achieve due to her physical conditions.

Understandably, she was apprehensive to try our semi-private personal training model when we opened Delta Performance. She thought "without one on one attention, I won't see results." It was something new, and she took a large risk leaving behind what was comfortable to her.

To Dominating Fitness Challenges...

She accepted the risk, and has since seen nothing but positive results. After 2 years of consistently training with Delta Performance twice a week, Adria has improved every aspect of fitness. Her pain has dramatically decreased. Her injuries are practically nonexistent. Her posture has improved. She experienced weight loss and notices the muscle tone in her arms and legs. She now dominates every weekly fitness challenge we throw at her, sometimes even outperforming her coaches.

To Achieving More Than She Ever Imagined...

Adria's tenacity and willingness to take the risk with us has led to more than she ever thought possible. She used to be satisfied with minor improvements (like getting through a workout without having to modify an exercise or experience lower back pain); now, she craves fitness results. She knows what she can accomplish, and she doesn't accept anything less.

Her program isn't anything fancy; it's simple and effective. We started her off with exercises that would frustrate anyone with a competitive nature and a few years of fitness experience; we started her with the foundations. We scrapped all the training she had previously and started her as if she was a beginner in fitness. She had to re-learn everything: the squat, deadlift, core stability, proper breathing techniques, and pulling and pushing motions. Two years later, she is still squatting, deadlifting, pulling, and pushing, but now, she is doing it with function and strength...and confidence.

Fitness is starting to become a part of who she is, not something she is forced to do in order to look the way she wants to look. She gets excited about new personal records (PRs). She looks forward to seeing her friends and coaches at the gym. She has become a leader in our gym and cheers on her teammates. She voluntarily signs up for races. Making healthy food choices is almost habitual now. She celebrates every personal victory rather than focus on what she cannot accomplish.

Her goal this year (2020) is to finish 6 races. What used to be a bucketlist goal (completing one 5-K race) has now become a recurring challenge that she enjoys.

Frustrated with constantly getting injured or seeing little to no results?

Injuries can be frustrating and difficult to make fitness a consistent part of your life. If you are tired of being in pain and aren't sure how to work around your injuries, or if you want to prevent injuries all together, give Delta Performance a try. Our coaches are specialists in movement (aka biomechanics), and we will safely get you the results you deserve.

Our coaches work closely with every Delta Performance athlete to give them a sustainable plan of action that helps them lose fat, improve movement quality, become stronger, and improve their health. No matter what challenges you are dealing with, we can help you overcome these challenges to live to your fullest potential.

Don't let your pain hold you back. Get Started today! You won't know it works until you try it.

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