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February 2019 Team Captain: Adria, Age 34

“I originally sought professional coaching because I was unhappy with my body. I tried to do workouts by myself in the past; however, I didn’t have the motivation or encouragement to do it alone. This is when I started small group training, training with Coach Dee in July 2015.

Group training was a good start, but it was not enough. Being faced with many physical challenges limited what I could do in a group setting. I needed more individual attention, so I made the switch to one-on-one private training with Dee.

Among other things, I have severe asthma that holds me back from doing certain workouts and, at the time, I had a ton of injuries. I loved how everything was personalized to me, and I was content with the minor improvements I saw with personal training. It wasn’t until Delta Performance did I learn what true results look like.  

Three (3) coaches for the price of 1? Each coach has different backgrounds that help me achieve my goals. They work with my food allergies to help me create a nutrition plan that works for me and my lifestyle. They write a program around my restrictions that helps build my strength and cardio while still allowing me to breathe at the same time! I have lost weight, inches, and I am overall much healthier thanks to them! I am more motivated and confident to workout outside the comfort of Delta Performance - something I have never been able to do. I am happier with myself and I am starting to love myself again. I cannot express how thankful I am that I took that first step. It's been a hard road with ups and downs, but to know that they are proud of what I have accomplished makes it all worthwhile. The support and encouragement I have received can never be repaid. THANK YOU!

Adria (34, Wadsworth, Ohio)

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