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August 2019 Team Captain: Kerrie L. Age 40-ish

By Dee Josey

Reach Your Highest Peak

“I never thought I’d like going to a gym, but I can’t wait every week to see my new friends and to push myself a little harder. ”--Kerrie.

Dedicated. Strong. Team-oriented. These are a few words the athletes and coaches of Delta Performance use to DEEscribe Kerrie. She is committed to her goals and rarely misses a training session. The girl is just strong--strong willed, strong minded, and physically strong. She communicates her true feelings with her coaches, and embraces all her teammates. These are the reasons why we chose Kerrie to be Delta Performance’s August 2019 Team Captain. 

People like to discuss their goal as “reaching their highest peak” or their life as a “climb up a mountain.” Well, Kerrie’s specific goal is to walk to the top of a mountain. Not many people can claim ownership to that one. Right now, she is training for the Redbull 400. If you have never heard of it, take some time to watch this link to appreciate Kerrie’s training a little more. 

To accomplish a performance goal like that, our training program must focus on strengthening certain movements, especially single leg movements, while improving her aerobic efficiency. This makes for a challenging program that can sometimes feel redundant if Kerrie has not mastered the movements. Where most would quit due to “boredom,” “frustration,” or “not seeing results,” Kerrie does not. She comes in every week ready to conquer her training session (after 15 minutes of girl talk, of course). 

If Kerrie were an animal, she would be an amalgam of a unicorn and workhorse (a unihorse or a workicorn?). Like a unicorn, she is beautiful, inside and out, and like a workhorse, she loves working hard. When she is really focused, her numbers speak for themselves. With a little push from her coaches, it is not uncommon for her to improve 25-30% in 4 weeks. 

Transparent communication is crucial to building a strong team, and this leader demonstrates this, even when it’s hard or is painful to hear. Kerrie isn’t afraid to speak her mind. This assertiveness can throw some people off, but her coaches love her open, honest feedback because we know exactly how to coach her for success. She holds her teammates to high standards, but she also jokes with them, roots for their success, and gives them constructive feedback. She always has others’ best interest in mind. 

Kerrie truly encompasses the characteristics of a Team Captain. She is dedicated to her goal, works her arse off to reach her goal, and she is team-oriented. She inspires others to do more and work harder. She is a true leader. 

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