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August 2018 Team Captain: Stacy 40-something?

The Delta Triathlete

By The Team

“I did all the miles, crossed both the start & the finish. My body is not broken and feel quite fantastic. I may struggle, but I’ll never quit.... sooooo cheers to better & wiser training. On to the next.”--Stacy M. (Right after completing the Muncie 70.3 Ironman)

As a triathlete, business owner, and mom, time is not Stacy’s friend. She understands prioritizing her health and fitness will help her reach a higher quality of life. Her goals are “to have it all,” and she has done just that. In a typical day, she fights off ninjas, sprints up mountains, walks on water, bikes cross-country, and works 12 hours--all before dinner. She’s pretty much a rockstar.

Stacy was chosen as August’s Team Captain because she understands strengthening a team begins with improving one's self. She is consistent, hard-working, and focused in her training sessions. She understands where she needs to improve and actively works on her weaknesses outside of the gym. When the inevitable barriers are presented, she remains loyal to her goals.

Stacy is also everyone’s number one fan. She’s that gal who will go out of her way to make a newer athlete feel welcome, recognizes and offers encouraging words to someone struggling, and cheers on the teammate who just hit a new personal record. She never speaks mal of anyone, she helps build a positive atmosphere for her teammates, and she inspires others to do the same. She is a true captain.

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