Live. Learn. Pass On.

Delta Performance offers a hands-on experience internship. Interns will have the opportunity to coach a diverse population of athletes, further their education, learn how to build strong relationships, and much more!  

What Makes Us Different

The Delta Performance Internship is intern-focused to mold you into strong, confident coaches and future employees. We are hands-on and work closely with our interns. Our internship is designed to develop coaching skills necessary to assess our diverse population of athletes and create and implement effective training programs. The skills you learn at Delta will set you ahead of others in the industry. 


Additionally, we hold weekly staff meeting to continue our education and share our knowledge in a team setting. This can be assignments, reading, a seminar, or sharing research. Our goal is to give you as much knowledge and experience as possible before you fly solo in the fitness industry.

Learn From The Best

With thousands of hours coaching athletes--both in personal training and group settings--our coaches are experienced and able to pass on knowledge that will help you become a strong, confident coach. 


Co-founder and Strength Coach, Nikki, has her Bachelor’s degree in Sport Studies with a concentration in Athletic Coaching. She has also earned her CSCS,and interned with Eric Cressey at Cressey Sports Performance. You can learn more about how she went from Ballerina to Powerlifter in her biography.


Co-founder and Nutrition Coach, Dee, has her Master's in Business, Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and studied under John Berardi from Precision Nutrition. You can learn more about how she went from a U.S. Army Veteran to a fitness and nutrition coach in her biography. 

Logan's Internship Experience


  • Must commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week for 15 weeks (150 hours total), not including educational session

  • Must be available T/Th evenings, M/W/F mornings, and/or Sat mornings

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of anatomy and different training techniques

  • Be eager to learn and accepting of constructive criticism

  • Interested in and be comfortable working with youth athletes, parents, and adult fitness athletes. Our athlete range from all ages and abilities.

  • Present yourself in a professional manner

  • A related degree is preferred BUT NOT REQUIRED

Internship Schedule

Fall Semester: Sept 1st  - Dec 23rd. (2 positions) Application deadline  7/15. 

Spring Semester: Jan 3rd - May 31st. (2 positions) Application deadline  11/15.

Summer Semester: June 1 - Aug 30 (2 positions) Application deadline  4/15. 


 In addition to an awesome, priceless, hands on learning experience, you will gain the following: 

  • The skill set, knowledge, and confidence necessary to coach any athlete

  • An understanding of what it takes to be a coach and own a business

  • Increase your professional network 

  • The potential to be hired on as a sub or full time coach with Delta Performance

  • A letter of recommendation (as needed)

  • Delta Performance Apparel   

Application Process

If you are interested in interning with Delta Performance, email us with "Your Name - Delta Internship Application" (Example: "John Doe - Delta Performance Application"), to receive an application.

Selections Process

One week after the application deadline candidates will be notified if they have been selected for our interview process. At the end of that week all remaining candidates will be notified of their possible acceptance.