Our Mission is to strengthening our community one athlete at a time. 

The Greek symbol, Delta (Δ), is an equilibrium triangle used to represent “change.” The Delta Forces is the most elite performance team in the world (MERICA). Delta Performance aims to instill positive change, excellent form and movement quality (aka performance), and healthy lifestyle habits in a safe, effective, and welcoming environment.


Dee and Nikki launched Delta Performance in 2018 after discovering a recurring problem in the Northeast Ohio area. The health and fitness industry fails to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to inspire and build sustainable, healthy lifestyles. We built Delta Performance to put a stop to this nonsense.   

We believe that creating true change in a community starts with the individual. If we cannot improve ourselves, we cannot expect our community to improve. This is why our mission is to strengthen our community one person at a time. 

We do this in three ways: 

  1. by guiding each athlete reach to his/her true potential by strengthening the mind and the body

  2. by educating our next generation of coaches through our internship program

  3. by consistently learning and growing our knowledge and skills as coaches and community leaders


Each life we enhance in our personal training facility ripples to improve relationships, families, local businesses, and our community. Together, we achieve more.

I loved the coaching - I think it’s the best part of Delta. It made me look forward to my workouts."

Kevin, Small Business Owner

Our Leading Team

Dee Josey