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What They Say About Us

Awarded 2019 Shining Star for Outstanding Business Achievement by S CPA / Scott Scarborough

This gym is different. Everyone is welcome. Everyone of any age is an athlete. The trainers don’t coddle, they help you confront and conquer fears and insecurities. The only requirement is dedication, a good attitude and a desire to live your best life. I can’t promise you a quick and easy path but I can promise that Dee & Nikki will invest in YOU. The other members will be your biggest support and cheerleaders. Functional fitness goes beyond a boot camp or strip mall challenge, if you want lasting results it takes time and hard work. Personalized programs to meet & exceed goals. Give it a go, you just might find yourself achieving things you never thought possible.

STACY, Owner, Studio SM

2 coaches for the price of 1?! Each coach has a different background to help me achieve my goals. I have severe asthma that holds me back from doing certain workouts. I also have food allergies that prevent me from eating a multitude of foods. The coaches have helped me create a food plan and have taken all of my restrictions into account. They have also figured out a workout that helps build my strength and cardio, but still allowing me to breathe at the same time!"

ADRIA, Warrior Dash Obstacle Course Athlete

Every Delta athlete wants to see their fellow athletes do well. Even though everyone has their own individual program, you feel as if you are part of a team.

WAYLON, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

I knew I needed to integrate more structured and consistent physical activity into my life. No other programs/classes/gyms had ever interested me quite as much as the Delta Performance System. It was a way to better my whole life, not just eating or just working out. It changed everything!"

STACI, Baker

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